Här kommer andra delen av ställen man borde besöka i Australien. Om ni missade part I så hittar ni den här. De här ställena hör till staterna Victoria (Melbourne + Great Ocean Road) och Northern Territory (The Red Centre).

// Here is places to visit in Aussie - Part II. You can find part I here. These places concerns the states Victoria (Melbourne + Great Ocean Road) and Northern Territory (The Red Centre).
4. Melbourne. A really beautiful city with lots of activities and shopping. I love the streets there
and the metro is the best I've ever used. It's so easy to travel between the stations with Myki card!
5. Great Ocean Road. This road is wonderful and you have to drive really slow to take it all in. You also have
to drive down to Cape Otway to see some koalas. I actually touched them! I really want to visit this place again..

Do you want a private beach? Visit Kenneth River

6. The Red Centre. It's tough to drive through this landscape, but it's totally worth it. We met aborigines, saw 
wonderful sunsets and thunder storms and visited places like Ayers Rock/Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Alice Springs and
Devil's Marbles. We also saw wild horses and that was one of the most beautifully things I have seen when it
comes to animals. They were beautiful, magnificent and free! By the way, it was over 40 degrees every day
and you cannot really feel any wind there. Imagine it's like sitting in a sauna all the time.

Ayer's Rock/Uluru at 5 o'clock in the morning

Devil's Marbles

Thunder storms. You could see this every night.

 Photos by: Philip Södergran
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Elin S

Så fantastiska bilder ! =)

Svar: Tack :)
Emelie Matkoski

Amanda Jona [SPONTAN]

Såg verkligen underbart ut :)

Svar: Det var verkligen det. Kika in igen, det kommer fler inlägg från Australien inom kort :D
Emelie Matkoski

Matilda Wikblom

Åh så härligt älskar bilderna!

Svar: Kan varmt rekommendera att åka till Australien - det är fantastiskt där! :)
Emelie Matkoski


Vad använde ni för kamera till dessa underbara bilder? :)


Vad använde ni för kamera till dessa underbara bilder? :)


Vad använde ni för kamera till dessa underbara bilder? :)

Svar: Vi använde en Canon 5D Mark II, men sen är ju objektivet minst lika viktigt för att få bra bilder! Vi har använt olika objektiv på olika bilder :)
Emelie Matkoski