Tänkte berätta och visa lite ställen som jag värdesätter nu i efterhand. Jag är väldigt glad att vi besökte dessa ställen och jag har med mig många fina minnen därifrån. Det här inlägget är bara part I, så det kommer alltså flera inlägg. Detta inlägg berör staten Victoria som finns sydöst i Australien.

// I want to show you some places that I value in hindsight. I'm very glad we visited these places and I have got many wonderful memories. This is just part I - so I'll share several posts. These places concerns the state Victoria which is in southeastern Australia.

1. Australian markets, in these pictures - Dandenong Market. You'll find whatever you're looking for.
I bought a jacket (link!) and a double headset. If your only have one phone, but two people will listen
to music this is perfect. One phone - 2 headsets in one thing. 

2. Phillip Island. A magical island where you can see wild wallabies (they're smaller than the
and penguins. You can also visit lovely beaches and watch beautiful sunsets.

3. Melbourne Zoo. There's so many zoo's in Australia, but you have to visit one. We visited
Melbourne Zoo and it was an experience to see wild animals like tigers, lions, elephants and so on.
The best part was the orangutans!

 Photos by: Philip Södergran
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